Hey, welcome to Words That Prove True! My name is Ashlea Heitner and this is my platform to share words that prove true both in the discouraging, dark times, the joyful, laughter filled times, and the every day in-betweens.

Living in the farmlands of Pennsylvania, I have become a connoisseur of coffee, a die-hard calligrapher, and a journaling addict. The written word is a lost art that should be treasured and not destroyed by those willing to wield it haphazardly. I covet my time with my infamous rice-bag and snuggle time with my husband. The smell of the forest overwhelms my senses and I often respond to its beckoning call of solitude and peace. And don’t get me started about freshly baked bread…that is a WHOLE new monster of its own.

I’m married to my best friend, Wagner, however; his name is pronounced (V)agner. Don’t ask me why, but the claim to fame is that his name originates from the strong German culture. He is my dark haired, tall, energetic Brazilian. He keeps me on my toes with the daily adventures that life tosses our way.

I keep life classy by teaching full-time at my old high school. My kiddo’s surprise and wonder happen to be some of my greatest joys. Don’t be fooled, they get on my nerves sometimes too.

I have a passion to share words that prove true. And His words do prove true. It isn’t just a good-pick me up. It is a heart-breaker and heart-transformer. I look forward to sharing His words with you. I look forward to sharing my stories with you.

In every moment His grace is sufficient. Come, stay, and read the words that prove true.